6x more conversion of enrollment into training — a new website for WitFlow by Iga Mościchowska



Witflow is a company run by an unquestioned specialist in the field of design, testing and training - Iga Mościchowska. Iga has been designing experiences since 2007. He uses many years of experience in research and development of digital products by conducting training for companies, sharing knowledge and helping to develop product competences.

Over the past 10 years, she has had the opportunity to work on projects for clients such as eBay, Tauron, KGHM and WSiP. As a consultant, Google mentor and substantive supervisor of User Experience & Product Design studies at AGH, he is in constant contact with design problems.


Due to the change in the profile of activity and greater emphasis on training, Iga asked us for help in creating a new version of her website, which will accurately display the content related to the training she conducts. Our main goal was to increase conversion - registration for specialized training - for both individuals and companies.


Appropriate presentation of experience

Iga has many years of experience in the field of User Experience research and design, which we decided to emphasize strongly. We have highlighted the fact that Iga is the co-author of the book "Research as the basis for designing user experience", has made numerous appearances and provides training, mentoring and consulting services daily.

Clear presentation of the offer

It was also crucial to present the training program, information on what exactly can be expected during the training, and what can be gained from it. The pages with the offer have also been enriched by the opinions of people who have already benefited from a given training.

Adjusting communication to the target group

The very characteristics of the training - UX was also a big challenge for us. The recipients paid particular attention to the experience around the site. We knew that the site itself would be a showcase of the training. Through properly used communication, graphic and interactive elements, we have introduced the so-called "Delightful moments".

Making the website stand out

We wanted the site to be unique and stand out from the competition through its unique character. That is why in our graphic concept, we decided to refer to the workshop techniques used by Iga in her everyday work. Therefore, the leitmotiv here became tools, such as post-it notes, hand-drawn drawings, or the light, informal nature of communication.

Conversion (enrollment for training)

Presentation of Iga's experience along with a clear and encouraging offer to buy, appropriate user attention management in a way that is pleasant to receive, has achieved the overarching goal - sales training. Shortly after the premiere of the new version of the site, the training was sold out for several months in advance.


600% conversion increase
Increasing positive user experience when browsing the new website

Building the new information architecture of the witflow.com website

Presentation of Iga and her position in the field of UX

Presentation of the training offer clear and encouraging to purchase

UX mockups for the home page and individual subpages

New, distinctive design

Development with Webflow.com platform

Working with Overlap was pure pleasure, and I could always count on the support of Emil and his team. Full commitment, taking the initiative with simultaneous openness to feedback - that's precisely the combination I was looking for. On the one hand, designers were able to fit into a lot of restrictions and guidelines that I imposed on them, and at the same time, they added something from each other, which enriched the design. I continuously receive praise for the humour on the site, clear architecture and useful form, and all this translates into effects. During the first month, as many people enrolled in the trainings as before for half a year, and now the participants sign up for my trainings even six months in advance. I recommend cooperation with Overlap!
— Iga Mościchowska

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