A product page of the "Talkify", an instant messaging app



The CEO of Boom Tech LLC (Nevada, USA) came to us shortly before the premiere of the mobile application - a messaging app called "Talkify", which is an alternative to applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp.


Our task was primarily to prepare an appropriate landing page, which would present the main features of the application clearly and attractively. A kind of challenge for us was to design a website that would suit the tastes of the target group with a different culture.


Temporary website

Before the official premiere of the product, we designed and implemented a website that was used to sign up people who would like to learn more about the application to be released soon and receive a notification when it appears in the Google Store or App Store.


An additional challenge was to propose a logo for the application. Due to the primary target place of the group of application recipients (Qatar), we decided to use one of the symbols of this country - a parrot, which at the same time was found in the topic of conversation and communication :) We also wanted to refer to the "chat bubble", characteristic for this type of application.

Product page

Finally, together with the premiere of the app, a website presenting the application was published. We focused on subdued photos (tailored to the culture of the country in which the app will be promoted), light design and appropriate display of benefits.

They delivered on time, and I’d recommend them 100%.
— Daniel Rueda, CEO of Talkify

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