Improving the results of the private medical institution site


Credomed Medical Center is a private clinic that has been offering patients a full range of medical care since 2009, providing health services in over 30 fields of medicine, incl. dermatology, dietetics, endocrinology, cardiology, ophthalmology and orthopedics.


Along with the development of the facility's activities, there was a need to expand the website content with additional information. The changes were introduced successively, so after some time the entire content of the page needed to be put in order.

The owners noticed that more and more potential patients decide to choose medical services when contacting the website, so they turned to us for help in refreshing it. The main goal was to increase conversion (sign up for visits), improve the image of the facility on the Internet and relieve the reception desk from telephone inquiries regarding information available on the website, which were difficult to find.


We have detected major problems on the website

As part of the UX audit, we identified problems that contributed to the reduced results of the website. These were, among others:

  • inadequate display of information that is of key importance to users
  • non-intuitive information architecture, making it difficult to find the service you are looking for
  • inadequate directing the user's attention on the website
  • graphic design not adapted to the expectations of the target group

We have made it easier to find the information you are looking for

One of the key problems for users was the difficulty of finding information on the website. As a result, people interested in a given service left the website, considering that the facility was not able to help them in the scope they were interested in.

In the first place, we focused on optimizing the information architecture and changing the way content is segregated on the website, which significantly shortened the time needed to reach the desired content. We also supplemented the website with new information that patients were looking for.

We have introduced elements that increase trust in the facility

The impressions that users have in contact with the website translate into the assessment of the quality of the service offered, therefore the visual layer and the way of presenting the offer are extremely important. Credomed is a facility that positions itself as a center using the highest quality modern equipment. So we proposed a more modern, light design, associated with medical services, emphasizing such values as modernity, openness to new technologies and professionalism. In the case of health-related services, trust plays a key role. Our goal was to improve the image of the medical center so that patients could feel safe and confident, they were aware that they were in the hands of specialists.

At the same time, we tried to meet the users' need for accessible information both for older people, less tech-savvy (hence the design based on known design patterns), and for younger people using the mobile version. We also decided to emphasize the advantages and elements that distinguish Credomed from the competition.

We have improved the process of signing up for an appointment

Due to the limited time of reception, we decided to make it possible to sign up for an appointment online using a dedicated form.
We also highlighted the section with contact details that were previously difficult to find.


4 x more
returning users
30% lower
bounce rate
5 x increase
in conversion

Increasing trust in the facility

Making it easier to find the information you are looking for

Optimization of information architecture

Increasing your conversion

Encourage users to come back to the site

Lowering the bounce rate

As part of the cooperation with Overlap Studio, we managed to better listen to the needs of patients and, as a result, bring our website back to life. It has become a source of growing interest in our services.
— Katarzyna Fularz, Co-Founder

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