Experience design

Transforming ideas into user-friendly solutions

  • We design intuitive products
  • We create or rebuild pages and applications from scratch

If your application doesn't stand out from the competition - why should people use it?

By taking ux into account during design, you can:

  • Improve the appeal

    applications or websites in the eyes of potential users

  • Build an intuitive product

    easy and convenient to use

  • Ensure a positive experience

    of users when using the products

  • Anticipate potential problems

    that may affect the usefulness of the site or applications

  • Deliver the product

    which users will genuinely want to use

  • Minimize costs

    related to possible changes after implementation

As part of the user experience design process, we provide:

  • product concepts in the form of an information architecture
  • personas, use scenarios
  • website and application designs in the form of mock-ups
  • interactive product prototypes
  • the target graphics for each screen
  • wireframes - flashes presenting relations between particular screens


Our mission is to solve real problems and improve the performance.

Research, analysis, usability testing and in-depth interviews to build concepts of innovative solutions.

Research and overall customer experience analysis for polish branch of one of the largests international banks.

Redesign and usability testing for one of the internal processes. Gathering insights and consulting development on the new solution.

Website designed and built with a purpose of an annual congress dedicated to hairdressers.

UX Design strategic partner for one of the fastest growing software houses in Europe.

Making government institution website up-to-date, more accessible and approachable to its users.

User research, website optimization, UX Design for better conversion.

Close cooperation in UX design and consultation over national institution project.

What will you get?

When creating projects for our customers, we put an emphasis on:

  • a tailored approach for each project
  • finding a common part between business objectives and users' needs

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