We carry out usability tests in order to:

  • identify users' needs,
  • optimizing user paths in online shops,
  • detect problems on websites and in applications.

Usability tests help to identify difficulties users encounter when using a website or application.

Conduct usability tests if you want to:

  • Improve the appeal

    of the service for the target group and ensure that
    users are more likely to use it

  • Detect errors

    which make it difficult for users to make a purchase
    or to find the information they are seeking

  • Getting to know the needs of the users

    using your product

  • Verify

    that the message and language are appropriately matched to
    the recipients of your website

  • Improve the purchasing process

    by detecting elements making it difficult to navigate through the online shop

  • Learn about the context

    and how users use your service or application

Usability tests allow you to find out:

  • Who are the users of your product and what their needs are
  • What kind of impression does your product make on users
  • How do users handle their main tasks
  • Is the solution designed by you optimal


Our mission is to solve real problems and improve the performance.

Research, analysis, usability testing and in-depth interviews to build concepts of innovative solutions.

Research and overall customer experience analysis for polish branch of one of the largests international banks.

Redesign and usability testing for one of the internal processes. Gathering insights and consulting development on the new solution.

Website designed and built with a purpose of an annual congress dedicated to hairdressers.

UX Design strategic partner for one of the fastest growing software houses in Europe.

Making government institution website up-to-date, more accessible and approachable to its users.

User research, website optimization, UX Design for better conversion.

Close cooperation in UX design and consultation over national institution project.

What will you get?

Properly conducted usability tests allow us to get to know the target group of the product in depth.
They provide knowledge about, among other, the following:

  • what are the problems your customers encounter when using your website, application or shop?
  • why users leave your site and how to prevent this from happening
  • what you can do to increase the satisfaction of your customers using your website or application

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